May 4, Thursday


Miklós Szánthó (Director General of the Center for Fundamental Rights, Hungary)

Matt Schlapp (Chairman of the American Conservative Union, USA)

Irakli Garibashvili (Prime Minister of Georgia)

Viktor Orbán (Prime Minister of Hungary)


NO WOKE ZONE - 11.10 am

Exclusive video message by Tucker Carlson (fmr. Fox News host)

Andrej Babis (Former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic)

No Woke Zone panel discussion

Péter Törcsi (Operative Director of the Center for Fundamental Rights); Gladden Pappin (Incoming President of the Hungarian Institute of Foraign Affairs); Jovan Palalic (General Secretary of SNP, Serbia); Francesco Giubilei (President of Nazione Futura, Italy)

Milan Krajniak (Minister for Labour and Family, Slovakia)

Stephen Bartulica (Member of Parliament, DP, Croatia)

Roger Köppel (Member of  the Swiss People’s Party, Switzerland)

Terry Schilling (President of American Principles Project, USA)

The Bold Truth 

Zoltán Kovács (Secretary of State for International Communication and Relations, Hungary) + Jack Posobiec (Senior Editor, Human Events, USA)


NATION’S FIRST - 2.00 pm

Rep. Paul Gosar (R – AZ, USA)

Sara Carter (FOX News Host, USA) + Shea Bradley-Farrell (President of Counterpoint Institute, USA)

Mária Schmidt (Director General of the House of Terror Museum and the 21st Century Institute, Hungary)

Nation’s first panel discussion

István Kovács (Strategic Director of the Center for Fundamental Rights, Hungary); Guglielmo Picchi (former Secretary of State, Italy); Valerie Huber (President of The Institute for Women's Health, USA); Mark Ivanyo (Director of Republicans for National Renewal, USA), Harald Vilimsky (MEP for FPÖ, Austria)

Rep. Debbie Lesko (R  - AZ, USA) – exclusive video message

Michael Anton (fmr. Deputy National Security Advisor, USA)

Simone Billi (Member of the Chamber of Deputies, LEGA, Italy)

Future of Europe panel discussion

Kinga Gál (Vice President of Fidesz, MEP, Hungary); Rob Roos (MEP for JA21, Netherlands); Hermann Tertsch (MEP for VOX, Spain); Anders Vistisen (MEP for Dansk Folkeparti, Denmark)



Ken Paxton (Attorney General of TX, USA) – exclusive video message

Gavin Wax (President of the New York Young Republican Club, USA)

Hungary: Israel’s Strongest European Ally panel discussion

Attila Kovács (Director of EU Research of the Center for Fundamental Rights, Hungary); Robert Greenway (President and Executive Director of the Abraham Accords Peace Institute, USA); Matan Peleg (CEO of Im Tirtzu, Israel); Gadi Taub (Senior Lecturer, University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Santiago Abascal (President of VOX, Spain) – exclusive video message

Eduardo Verastegui (President of Movimiento Viva Mexico, Mexico) 

Martin Helme (Chairma of the, Conservative People's Party, Estonia)

Janusz Kowalski (Deputy minister at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Poland) – exclusive video message

Judit Varga (Minister of Justice, Hungary)


May 5, Friday


Video message from the USA

Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky (Minister of Defense, Hungary)

Kari Lake (Former Candidate for Arizona Governor, USA)

IN GOD WE TRUST - 9.30 am

János Lázár (Minister of Construction and Investment, Hungary)

Janez Jansa (Former Prime Minister of Slovenia)

In God We Trust panel discussion

Trisztán Azbej (Secretary of State for Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program, Hungary); William Wolfe (Visiting Fellow, Center for Renewing America; Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Trump Administration, USA); Juan Ángel Soto Gómez (International Director of Fundación Disenso, Spain); Mike Gonzalez (Senior Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, USA)

Jorge Buxadé (Co-Chair of ECR, MEP for VOX, Spain)

Jerzy Kwasniewski (President of Ordo Iuris, Poland)

Eduardo Bolsonaro (Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Brasil) – exclusive video message

Fmr. Rep. Bob McEwen (R-OH, Director General of CNP, USA)


MAKE KIDS NOT WAR - 11.30 am

Fmr. Sen. Rick Santorum (R – PA, USA)

Kevin Roberts (President of Heritage Foundation, USA)

Make The Family Great Again panel discussion

Zoltán Koskovics (geopolitical analyst of the Center For Fundamental Rights, Hungary); Jay Aeba (Chairman of the Japanese Conservative Union); Ernst Roets (deputy CEO of AfriForum, South Africa); Ágnes Hornung (Secretary of State for Families, Hungary)

Rep. Andy Harris (R- MD, USA) – exclusive video message

Shea Bradley-Farrell (President of Counterpoint Institute, USA) + Penny Nance (President of Concerned Women for America, USA)

Diego Morales (Secretary of State of Indiana, USA)

Ben Ferguson (Host, The Ben Ferguson Show, USA) + Peter Marocco (USAID, former Assistant to the Administrator, USA)



Steve Bannon (fmr. White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to the President) – exclusive video message

István Nagy (Minister for Agriculture, Hungary)

No Border No Nation panel discussion

Ernő Schaller-Baross (MEP for Fidesz, Hungary); Hans Georg Maassen (former President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany); Chris Farrell (Director of Investigations & Research, Judicial Watch, USA); Daniele Scalea (President of Machiavelli Center, Italy)

Matt Whitaker (fmr. Attorney General, USA) 

Herbert Kickl (Chairman of the Freedom Party, Austria - exclusive videomessage)

Free speech panel discussion

Magor Dukász (fmr. Digital Director of Fidesz and Founder of the Digital Sovereignty Center, Hungary); Eva Vlaardingerbroek (Political commentator, Netherlands); Tim Constantine (Host of the "The Capitol Hill Show", USA); Josh Hammer (Host of the "The Josh Hammer Show", USA)

Péter Szijjártó (Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary)

Gerolf Annemans (President of ID Foundation, MEP for Vlaams Belang, Belgium)

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TEN) – exclusive video message 



Rep. Barry Moore (R- AL, USA)

André Ventura (President of Chega Party, Portugal)

Mark Meadows (fmr. White House chief of staff ) – exclusive video message

Jordan Bardella (President of the National Rally, France)

Gergely Gulyás (Minister of the Prime Minister's Office, Hungary)

Tom van Grieken (President of Vlaams Belang, Belgium) – exclusive video message

Vincenzo Sofo (MEP for Fratelli, Italy)